Blockout eyelets

Harlow eyelet

Harlow eyelet

A stylish linen look textured weave curtain. Full blockout.
Sold as single curtains or pairs. FREE REHEMMING.

Wide Width coverage - up to 320cm
Standard drop - 221cm

From $51.20   
Porter eyelet

Porter eyelet

A full blockout curtain in plain linen look weave.
Drops 190cm, 213cm, 220cm

From $42.99     

Abode eyelet

Abode eyelet

A value priced full blockout curtain in a plain fabric.
Sold as single curtains or pairs.

Width coverage - up to 200 cm
6 drops - 100cm, 120cm, 140cm 160cm, 190cm, 213cm

From $39.99         



Rasputin eyelet

Rasputin eyelet

A value priced full blockout curtain. Chrome eyelets. 
Available in our exclusive short drops.

rasputin eyelet curtain linen

Wide width coverage - up to 350cm
6 drops - 100, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 213cm, 221cm

From $69.95