Pure Dupion silk curtains                        



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Lined Dupion silk curtains in trouser length
Colour Cream            
  • Pure dupion silk curtains
  • Max drop 260cm - including puddling
  • Made in Melbourne in 4 - 6 weeks
  • Made with full blockout UV lining
  • Adjustable widths, curtains supplied flat for gathering
  • For a full looking curtain select the lower size in the range
  • The top end of each width range will create a flat looking curtain


White Cream Taupe - unavailable  

Fitting guide - for a full looking curtain, select at least double your window width

How To Measure

Front view -

pencil pleats


Rear view -

3 hook positions to adjust drop

Dupion silk has a crisp, shimmering look. As a natural fibre has inconsistencies in the weave. Horizontal slubs, bumps and textures are created when the raw silk yarn is spun. These are not flaws but give the fabric it's natural beauty. No two pieces of dupion silk are identical.


Flat freight cost
$21.95 per total order*
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Curtain width            
120 - 170cm wide    Drop   Drop required
    Puddling option
    Fabric colour
170 - 240cm wide    Drop  Drop required
    Puddling option
    Fabric colour
240 - 300cm wide    Drop   Drop required
    Puddling option
    Fabric colour


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* Deliveries to WA,  NT and all regional areas may incur additional freight charges.
  If so, we will contact you with a cost before we process your order.

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